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Established in 1990, Sarvalakshmi Foundries has been the best integrated private sector company. SLF has been the Highest quality: Lowest cost Ferrous products manufacturers in India, and also been the prime suppliers of ferrous components for all major sectors. Sarvalakshmi Foundries has set the pace for the consolidation and globalization of the world grey-iron and  Ductile iron industry. We have spread best practice and modern production techniques throughout our plant. Our 500 strong customer base, includes household names in the automotive, engineering and appliance sectors.
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Process & Quality   Production
Since 30 years, Sarvalakshmi Foundries have manufactured Grey Iron Castings and Ductile iron castings forcustomers with the highest quality requirements. An excellent product quality and a perfect customer service are the most important goals in our business.
Process & Quality   Process & Quality

Sarvalakshmi Foundries produces All grades of Grey  and  Ductile iron castings to Indian and International standards, can also be produced at a customer's request.
Twin Pump Casing Twin Pump Casing

Bottom Casing

Bottom Casing
grey iron castings

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